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As this point for You as a company owner exploiting the equipment of special importance is, we’ll go into detail here separately by means of examples. You must have already experienced some standstill of your production. The reasons for this are various, the result is always the same:

You lose money, your reputation at the customer and under some competitive conditions your customers.


With the production failure of a machine, which normally produces, e.g., 90 pieces of 5 l canisters/per hour with a selling price of 5,00 EUR/per canister, you have a turnover loss of over 10.000, 00 EUR per day. Completely apart from the fact that your customers are waiting for your supply!
Why do you have a standstill of the machines?
In lack of power supply or staff shortage we can´t change anything! But the following points can be affected by our service positively or removed completely:
Inadequate maintenance
Insufficient knowledge of  machine operation
Outdated  and/or depreciated production equipment
Lacking or incomplete warehouse of spare parts
Problems in purchase of spare parts
Lack of technical personnel for necessary repair work


Alongside with the maintenance, service, repair and training, Thomas also will be glad to consult you.
Capacity utilization and efficiency factor of your lines depend on a set of basic conditions, which change during the time nearly imperceptibly and as a rule lead to a reduction of the productivity. At the same time it should be your tendency to hold the productivity of your equipment at least on the same level however if possible to increase it continuously.
Therefore we’ll analyze your production, examine your equipment and investigate production process, in order to detect the weak points of the equipment and material logistics. With the attained results we’ll develop for you a concept of task solutions and give you pieces of advice for an optimization of your lines in order to increase the productivity. Often a noticeable improvement of the efficiency of your production lines can be realized by relatively small means.
Together with you and your technical and production specialists we’ll discuss the problematic details of your production lines and take together reasonable steps, which are necessary for an efficient and trouble-free manufacturing.